Museum of Insurance in Krakow

Museum of Insurance is located at Dunaevsky street, 3,31-133, Krakow, Poland

Phone:             +48 (012) 422-88-11 ext. 75, Fax: +48 (012) 421-50-60

Hours:             Tuesday — Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 pm

Admission is free.


Museum of Insurance in Krakow — the world’s only museum of its kind, was created in order to collect objects and documents related to the insurance history of Poland. Its work is also focused on research, dedicated to all aspects of insurance in the history of Poland. In the collection of this unique Museum there are 36,000 pieces, you can find objects that tell about the history of the insurance activity in Poland since the XIX century to the present. The exhibition shows insurance policies of famous historical figures (for example, the politician Alexander de Walewski, the son of Napoleon and Marie Walewska), old editions of books on insurance, posters, cups, portraits, photographs, documents relating to insurance policies, and souvenirs . Among the many exhibits at the Museum there is a decree on the establishment of the first fire insurance company, which was signed by King William III in 1803.


In addition, the museum has a good collection of coins and medals from all over the world.


Along with permanent exhibitions, the Museum also organizes temporary exhibitions.



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