Museo Interactivo de Economia («Interactive Museum of Economics»), Mexico

Centro Historico 06,000 Cuauhtemoc (Takuba Street, 17 – Bolivar Street), 06000 Kuatemok

Of. Site:

Site of the founders of the museum (the Mexican Banking Association):

Phone: (55) 5130-4600, (55) 5130 4616

Opening hours: Tuesday — Sunday, from 9.00 to 18.00

Tickets: adults — 55 Mexican pesos

Children (under 12 years) — 45 Mexican

Location: Mexico City, Tacuba 17, esq. Bolivar


Interactive Museum of Economics

Interactive Museum of Economics

“Interactive Museum of Economics” (Museo Interactivo de Economia — MIDE) — was created under the auspices of the Mexican Banking Association (Asociacion de Bancos de Mexico — ABM). In order to help students who are experiencing economic difficulties, ABM welcomes 10,000 school students of the capital and gives them a chance to visit the museum free of charge. We invite principals and teachers to book free tours for their students by phone / fax 5130-4616 or e-mail: or, to find out whether your school is under the program. With these words opens the official website of «Interactive Museum of economics” (MIDE).


The museum is located in an ancient monastery of «Poor and recovering from our seniors Belen and St. Francis Xavier» (Pobres y Convalecientes de Nuestra Senora de Belen y San Francisco Javier), built in the 18th century.


MIDE was opened in July 2006 in order to show visitors the way economy operates, the relation of every person with different economic issues and the way this information helps to confront economic problems, both personal and social.


The exposition of the museum has the most advanced achievements of computer science, graphic design and animation for the most complete and accessible explanation of economic issues (work, capital, opportunity cost, etc.) in a simple and accessible language.


Main sections of the exhibition focus on three themes:

  • Basic economic concepts (Conceptos economicos basicos);
  • The economy and economic institutions (Instituciones y economia);
  • Growth and prosperity (Crecimiento y bienestar).


The sub-sections include:

  • The Central Bank of Mexico (El Banco Central de Mexico);
  • Inflation and the Consumer Price Index (La inflacion y el indice de precios al consumidor);
  • Price fluctuations (Los flujos de los precios);
  • The role of government in the economy (El papel del gobierno en la economia).


Exposition of the museum

Exposition of the museum

The museum also shows an impressive numismatic collection of the National Bank of Mexico and the play «Voice of Fire» («Voces de fuego»), which takes place in a closed hall on 16 screens all around the visitors. The play tells about the history of furniture, furnishings, restoration works and furniture restorers. Entrance to the show is free.


Honors and awards received by the museum:

  • Gold Muse Award (American Association of Museums);
  • Roy L. Shafer Leading Edge Award (Association of Science and Technology Centers — ASTC) (2007);
  • ID Iconos del Diseno por arquitectura de restauracion y adecuacion (Architectural Digest Mexico) (November 2007);
  • Premio Nacional Miguel Covarrubias (Nacional de Antropologia, INAH) (December, 2007).







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