Message from the Chairman of the Supervisory Board

 Dear numismatists, bonists and other connoisseurs of money!

I was fortunate enough to travel to different countries that filled me with lots of different emotions and information.  And every year it becomes more and more evident that globalization is gaining momentum and blurring distinctions between the countries.

It is an objective process, such as the human evolution, and personally I have no regrets about it, but it is very interesting to «feel» the history of an individual country.

Some people like to take the history through the prism of archaeological excavations, art, folklore, etc.

But it seems to me that money — is the essence of culture, political and economic systems at the specific period of the country’s development.

When you have a coin or a bill in your hands — you have the whole era in front of you….

So I became interested in collecting them during travelling.

In addition, I was able to visit many Money museums in different countries.

Of course, at some point I decided to visit the Russian Money Museum, and …. found  out that in Russia there isn’t any…

And with great pleasure I began to eliminate this gap in the museum landscape of Russia.


I would like it to be a cognitive, self-sustaining, and even an exciting project, interesting not only to professionals. I invite everyone to cooperate actively.


Alexander Plushenko.



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