About the Museum

1.      The uniqueness of the project

The Museum of Money is the unique project not only in Moscow but also in Russia; thereby it attracts high number of tourists. Presence of the modern, interactive Museum of Money in Moscow promotes the image of the capital as the world financial center.

Analysis shows that almost all the capitals of the developed countries have money museums that are open and available to public. These museums represent the national history of the currency. Russia has a rich history of currency that is not all covered. The history is rich in both ways: in an event-trigger way with  the coinless period, the money of the Golden Horde, the history of the Empire, and so on, and in the national meaning — Russia is the home to more than 150 ethnic groups, each with its own monetary traditions that should be preserved and promoted.

 (website of the Museum of Money has a selection of the similar museums http://muzeydeneg.ru/category/museum/museums/)


2. Mission — The mission of the Museum of Money — to promote the dissemination of knowledge, aimed at increasing the financial literacy. To assist in building creative, research and innovative programs that promote knowledge about the history of money circulation in Russia and the other countries of the world.

 3. The “Museum of Money”

The Museum of money is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation 08/08/2011, in the form of the private institution. The base of the exposure is the personal collection of A. Plushenko the founder of the museum. Extending the exhibition is planned due to the items from the other private collections (with the mutual agreements). Creation of the endowment fund is planned.


Evgenia Gennadievna Shcherbakova-Koroleva, director of the «Museum of Money.»

Phone:  +7 985 723 98 15, +7 499 652 94 56

E-mail: evgeniya@muzeydeneg.ru

Website: http://muzeydeneg.ru/



4. Target audience: Russian and foreign tourists, families with children, younger students, middle-class students from 15 years, members of business incubators; orphanages from 5, 8, 12, 15 years, students of economic, historical, artistic, technical, faculties; vip-audience (potential Fund participants) collectors: beginners, experienced, researchers, progressive fashionable people interested in all the new, all interested in the subject of the history of the currency.



5. Problems settled by the project:

1. Improving financial literacy;

2. Reduction of the ethnic tension through sharing the international history, showing the relationship of the people in the general economic history of the world;

3. Reducing social tensions concerning people with high incomes.

4. Lack on the territory of the modern Russian Federation of the easily understandable museums involving visitors to interact (clubs, community, joint activities).


 6. The concept of the project: creation of the Modern Museum of Money, which provides an opportunity for anyone to expand their knowledge of culture and traditions of Russia and the other countries through the knowledge of the history of their currency.


7. Goals:

1. Create accessible educational programs that teach children and adults the financial literacy.

2. Conduct scientific and research activities aimed at studying the history of the Russian Currency, and the traditions of people inhabiting the country.

3. Creation of cultural activities and programs that promote inter-ethnic relations.

4. Creation of the school of collectors, acting as a navigator in the diverse world of numismatics and bonistics.

5. Formation of the expert and the advisory community.

6. Popularization of the knowledge about the stages traversed by the human society on the path of the economic, political, social, cultural, technological, and other ways of development, reflected in the monetary system, technology of the production of money, its material, design, etc.

7. Creation of the tours and interactive programs for different target audiences, taking into consideration the diversity of psychological types and representational systems.

8. Organization of the exhibitions, including regional, aimed to familiarize visitors with the history of currency.

9. Collaboration with various organizations to create collaborative creative products that introduce the different angles of the history of the monetary circulation.


8. Products

The main products of the museum are: an interactive exposition, exhibitions, lectures and programs for children and adults, teaching financial literacy, souvenirs, thematic literature, and products for collectors.


9. Resources

To date, the museum has a collection of several thousand items and is constantly updated. The museum not only has the coins and bills of all times and nations, the items related to the money circulation, but also the additional materials on the history and culture of the world. It is planned to increase the funds with a variety of metal items, tissue, bone, leather, ceramics, porcelain, etc. Items from each material require special conditions for storage under certain temperature and humidity conditions.


The museum has its own website (http://muzeydeneg.ru/). Here, the virtual visitor can get the information about the museum, and learn facts about the history of the currency.


The museum also has a page in the social networks. Friends of the museum can follow the news, and actively participate in different discussions.


Museum of Money has its corporate identity; in the process of registration at Rospatent are its trademark and the logo.


Museum of Money is a member of the Association of Managers of Culture, Bonists’ Union, subscribe to the ICOM news. Among our partners are: the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Association of Russian Banks, the newspaper of the Government of Moscow «Tverskaya, 13″, Russian Economic University after G.V. Plekhanov, the magazine «The World of Museum», Liveinternet, Citycelebrity, publishing “InterCrim”, Russian Bonists’ Union, the Internet portal Your hobby, etc. http://muzeydeneg.ru/museum/druzya-muzeya/


10. Team

Shcherbakova-Koroleva Evgeniya Gennadievna, director of the Museum of Money

Graduated from the Moscow External University of the Humanities, Postgraduate the University College of the culture policy of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Majoring — sociologist.


Mihalyutina Tatiana Igorevna, chief curator of the Museum of Money

Postgraduate Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. Majoring — museology.


Kovalev Alexei Vladimirovich, head of the department of the educational programs, designer of the exposition of the Museum of Money.

Graduated from the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography. Master of Science in Information Systems (European University, Belgium). Majoring — designer, cartographer, system analyst.


Mikhailov Fyodor Mikhailovich, author of the multimedia content.

Graduated from the National Institute of Design (Moscow). Majoring — graphic design.


Suzdalev Andrei Sergeyevich, artist-animator, author of the animated series «A Brief History of currency»

Graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre and Technical School and the Moscow school of modern art ¬ «Free Workshops» (the theory and practice of the contemporary art). The main areas of work: installations, computer animations, objects, graphics, artist’s book. Was a curator of several exhibitions. Teacher’s activities. Directs the Children’s workshop at the National Centre of Contemporary Art.


Biryukov Vladimir Andreyevich, administrator of the website www.muzeydeneg.ru

Graduated from the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography. Majoring — programmer.


Kostyuk Olga Mikhailovna, promotion specialist of the website of the Museum and its pages in the social networks

Graduated from the Belarusian State University (Belarus), the Faculty of Letters, Department of Russian Language and Literature. Majoring- philologist, teacher of Russian language and literature.


Kotova Oksana Vladimirovna, manager of the Museum of Money.

Russian State Humanitarian University, Department of History of Art. Majoring- museology.


11. Topicality

Museum of Money already has its audience and interest among the people of Russia.

At the moment, a small part of the permanent exposition on the history of the world monetary circulation is presented at the Moscow River Shipping Company. We get positive feedback from the staff and the visitors from the different organizations that are located there.

Via phone and e-mail the museum receives many questions from people who are interested where they can find the permanent exhibition of the museum, whether there is an open storage, if there are tours and academic activities. But this premises doesn’t have enough space for the full collection that makes it hard to conduct the work in all the areas of our museum activities.


12. Principles of promotion.

The main principles of promotion of the project are the creation of high-quality informative Internet presence, today at the request of «museum of money» yandex and google show www.muzeydeneg.ru in the first place, the creation of information events through participation of the Museum of Money in popular public events, including regional, thematic exhibitions. Development and transformation of the permanent exhibition of the museum. Creation of temporary exhibitions at the museum, with the assistance of experts in various fields related to the circulation of money and its history.





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